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    Anarchist summer camp in Austria (20.-29.7.2007) Print
    The second anarchist summer camp in Austria will begin in less than three weeks from now (20. - 29.7.2007). You can now find details on travel to the camp from Vienna or Prague on the website www.a-camp.info. The camp will take place near Kautzen in the northern part of Lower Austria (near the Czech border). The closest sizeable town is "Waidhofen an der Thaya", from which there are a few buses a day travelling to Kautzen. There will also be an info telephone number +43 (0)664 4895196 to coordinate a shuttle service from Waidhofen to Kautzen (for Sundays or other times when there are no buses).
    07 Jul 2007 written by: ...

    Ukraine No Bomber Camp and FNB Meeting Print
    The camp will take place from the 11th to the 20th of August 2007 in the main region of transit and labor migration in Ukraine:

    The eastward expansion of the European Union has resulted in moving the walls of "Fortress Europe" to the Western border of Ukraine. The Ukrainian region of Transcarpatia, of which the biggest cities are Uzhgorod and Mukachevo, has become a new borderline, with increasing
    militarization and major concentration of detention camps for refugees from the countries of Global South and former USSR, who try to escape war, totalitarianism or misery to the European Union countries. It is hard to find any "open" information about the conditions in the majority of these camps.
    28 Jun 2007 written by: ...

    The State wants to Prosecute Radical Posterers Print
    The Poznan office of the Law and Justice ruling party are filing a petition with the state prosecutor against anarchists who put a billboard up in Poznan. They claim the billboard offends religious sentiments and insults the head of state. Police went to Rozbrat squat to find who made the poster but couldn't find out.

    The poster, which you can view here: http://cia.bzzz.net/skandalyczny_plakat
    shows the Kaczynski twins being held by a Mary figure who's face is replaced by... everybody is still debating whether the face on the poster is Adolf Hitler or Adam Michnik, the editor of Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.
    29 Aug 2006 written by: XaViER

    FA P-n Print
    On Wed 9th of August, Krzysztof Wantoch-Rekowski - a longtime activist of the Polish Anarchist Federation and Food Not Bombs from Poznań - was detained by the police. He has been put into jail for six weeks for... destroying his identity card (article 276 of the Penal Code).
    14 Aug 2006 written by: ...

    Tomek Wilkoszewski is in Sieradz prison already for 10 years. He ended up behind bars in 1996 after participating in a streetfight, after which one neo-nazi died. During his trial judge was not at all concerned with fact that Tomek was for few years harassed, attacked and humiliated by local nazi shinheads. He comes from village and he didn't have money for good lawyer. He was sentenced like a normal murderer. 15 years of jail for somebody acting in self defence is a good example of state "justice".
    14 Aug 2006 written by: ...

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